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Sign the petition: tell Congress to shut down Donald Trump’s child prison camps

Team Trump is working to expand his awful prison camps for children. I recently visited a camp in Homestead, Florida. It was chilling.

Don’t believe Fox News or Team Trump when they try to lie to you and spin it some other way.

Prison camps. For children. That’s exactly what they are.

Homestead is part of a system that stems from the administration’s strategy of criminalizing flight from oppression. That’s completely wrong. This administration needs to quit treating migrants as criminals, quit trying to inflict trauma on children as a strategy of deterrence, and ensure that every child with an asylum claim is treated in a dignified and decent manner while they await their asylum hearing.

That’s why I’ve introduced legislation in Congress to close prison camps like Homestead immediately and reunite children and families.

Sign my urgent petition: tell Congress to shut down these prison camps.


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