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Happier and healthier because of nurses

Nurses are critical to our health care system, to our country, and to each of us individually. They are first responders in a crisis – from the pandemic to mass shootings to the tens of thousands of individual emergencies that happen every day. They're also deeply engaged in taking care of folks with chronic diseases and in preventive care, ensuring that people stay as healthy as they can be.

Today is National Nurses Day – a day to celebrate and honor these everyday heroes; people who work hard to help everyone they come into contact with. They devote their lives to helping you, me, and everyone live happier and healthier lives.

My amazing wife and partner, Mary, is a hospice nurse. I have seen how dedicated she is and the lengths she and her colleagues will go to provide care at the end of life to their patients and their families.

We cannot thank nurses enough for the sacrifices they and their families make, but on this National Nurses Day let's all tell them how much we appreciate them.

Please join me on social media — Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter — to tell your story about a nurse that made a difference to you or someone you loved.

Or, if social media isn't your thing, pick up the phone and tell a nurse how much you appreciate their hard work and dedication in caring for others.

Here's to all the nurses out there!


Posted on May 6, 2023.

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