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ALERT: puppy pictures!

Jeff and Lila

Hi! I'm Lila!

Mary and Jeff decided that Roxy needed a little sister, so I've joined their family.

We go for walks, we snuggle, and when I'm extra good, I get my tummy rubbed. I love it here!

My big sister Roxy has been teaching me the ropes. We even share toys!

Jeff is soooo busy. He says that when he's talking to people on his screen that it's called "zoom", but I'm pretty sure that zoom is what we do when we chase the ball in the yard.

He says he's trying to grow his pack every single day. I'm new around here, but I think you should join Jeff's pack, too!

He says he needs lots of people in his pack so that he can make a really BIG blue wave. I'm still trying to figure that out, but it sounds VERY IMPORTANT!

Almost as important as snuggles!

Will you help Jeff grow his pack by putting your paw right here and putting some kibble in his bowl?

Chip in now and grow Jeff's wolfpack!

Anyway, time to go for another walk. I just went on my first hike ever with Jeff, Mary and Roxy. So I think I'm ready for a long walk today!

Jeff and Mary and Roxy and Lila

Afterwards, I'm going to take a long nap. Jeff never takes a nap. He just goes back to "work", which seems like a very big deal.

Thanks for helping grow Jeff's pack!

🐾 Lila

P.S. My big sister Roxy says hi!

Lila the puppy

Posted on September 20, 2022.

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