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I have a confession to make.

It's my 65th birthday next month and I've been thinking about what to wish for when I blow out the candles.

The answer is crystal clear. A Senate with a strong Democratic majority that will restore the Senate as a functional legislative body in order to deliver on policies that will give working families an opportunity to thrive.

Right now, with our 50/50 Senate and McConnell's abuse of the filibuster, we are not getting the job done.

With Democrats controlling the House, Senate, and Oval Office, we should have already passed the Build Back Better act to improve child care, funded two years of pre-K, and extended the child tax credit that will lift half of America's children who are in poverty out of poverty.

We should have already moved boldly on climate change, and on the rights of workers to organize by passing the PRO act. We should be moving right now to defend women's reproductive health rights from laws like the one in Texas.

So I'm frustrated as I'm sure you are too.

The best thing to do with frustration is use it as motivation to act.

So here's my plan: I'm going to run two marathons. Well, "technically" I'm just going to run one marathon (it's on October 31st). BUT I'm asking YOU to partner with me as I train, and collectively we can start building for the more important metaphorical marathon — a sweeping Blue Wave in the 2022 Senate elections.

I have a confession to make. It's going to be hard. I'm a bit out of shape. I know I could jog 5-8 miles. But 26.2 miles? That seems impossible. But I've got five weeks to change that. And five weeks to build the Blue Wave Birthday Marathon Fund to help elect Senate candidates.

I'm going to run 100 miles in the next five weeks to train for the event. I'm going to keep you posted week by week both on my progress training for the race and on the path to win the Senate. Your support will do a whole lot to keep me motivated.

I'll do all I can to keep training, push through the exhaustion, and run through the tape. Together, let's do all we can to fuel the elections, motivate our candidates, and see them to victory!

I hope you'll chip in to support me in this 26.2 mile run — and support the political marathon we're running in 2022.



Count me in, Jeff!

Yes, I want to donate to the Blue Wave Marathon Birthday Fund by supporting Jeff's 100 miles of marathon training in the amount of:

$10 $100 OTHER

Yes, I want to donate to the Blue Wave Marathon Birthday Fund by supporting the 26.2 mile marathon race in the amount of:

$2.62 $26.2 OTHER

Posted on September 28, 2021.

Born in the small town of Myrtle Creek, Oregon, Jeff Merkley has never lost touch with his working class roots.

As a U.S. Senator, he works every day to create opportunity for working families, stop the corruption of our democracy, and tackle the climate crisis.

A workhorse and a progressive champion, Jeff Merkley is leading a movement to get our country back on track.

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