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When it came to ethics, Donald Trump and his administration were a dumpster fire.

And getting rid of Donald Trump meant a return to decency and ethics in the Oval Office.

... but ethics is just a word.

What we're actually talking about is ending the culture of corruption that Trump and his friends benefitted from, padding their own pockets.

Let's get specific. Just a few of the things that the For the People Act does:

Members of Congress will be prohibited by law from using taxpayer dollars to settle cases of sexual harassment or employment discrimination. Honestly, why was this ever legal?!

We're going to require that tax returns for presidents and presidential nominees will be made public.

For the first time, we'll require the establishment of a code of ethics for Supreme Court Justices. That's right, unlike every other judge in America, there's no formal code of ethics for the Supreme Court. And sometimes... it shows.

Former Members of Congress are already barred from lobbying for one year. But now, they'll be barred from "advising" lobbyists, too — a loophole so big you can drive a multinational corporation through it.

And we'll slam shut the feathering of nests by executive appointees. No more giving away sweetheart government contracts to your former employer — or taking a job with a federal contractor that you awarded a contract to. And no more massive corporate bonuses for executives "taking leave to serve in government."

The bottom line? Government officials need to work for you, not for themselves and their cronies.

So many of these issues have been lurking under the surface for years. One thing I'll say about Donald Trump — he brought it all out into the open. He and his allies had no shame.

And, now with progressives in power, it's time to make things better.

That's why we fight, and that's our For the People Act.



Posted on June 2, 2021.

Born in the small town of Myrtle Creek, Oregon, Jeff Merkley has never lost touch with his working class roots.

As a U.S. Senator, he works every day to create opportunity for working families, stop the corruption of our democracy, and tackle the climate crisis.

A workhorse and a progressive champion, Jeff Merkley is leading a movement to get our country back on track.

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