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Abolish. The. Filibuster.

You know you're doing something right when Mitch McConnell starts issuing threats. Chip in now and let's keep building the grassroots movement to keep up the pressure to end the filibuster.

TPM: 'McConnell Threatens to Grind Senate to Halt if Dems Don't Let Him Keep Power to Grind Senate to a Halt'

But you know what?

We were elected to solve problems, not apologize because Mitch McConnell stopped us. That excuse won't fly, nor should it.

Here's some great news. President Biden just announced that he supports reforming the filibuster to ensure that Mitch McConnell and his allies can't block progress with a phone call to the Senate cloak room.

If you're going to filibuster, you should at least have to... filibuster. If something is that important, Senators should have the courage of their convictions to hold the floor of the Senate and demand the attention of the nation.

We are being heard. Over 352,000 members of Team Merkley have signed our petition demanding an end to the filibuster.

Let's keep the momentum going. Chip in now and we'll keep building the grassroots movement to abolish the filibuster and ensure the Senate can take action on the biggest problems facing our nation.



Posted on March 18, 2021.

Born in the small town of Myrtle Creek, Oregon, Jeff Merkley has never lost touch with his working class roots.

As a U.S. Senator, he works every day to create opportunity for working families, stop the corruption of our democracy, and tackle the climate crisis.

A workhorse and a progressive champion, Jeff Merkley is leading a movement to get our country back on track.

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