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The race for the US Senate in Georgia

by Rev. Raphael Warnock

I'm in the fight of my life against unelected Sen. Kelly Loeffler (R-GA) to flip Georgia's Senate seat blue. And according to The Washington Post, what happens here could determine whether Democrats are able to secure Senate control and enact our bold agenda. I urgently need your help to win this race – but before I ask you to chip in, I need to give you an update on why your support is so important.

Right now, our momentum is unbelievable: After starting this campaign trailing our GOP opponent, our people-powered movement surged into first place – something pundits said was impossible just a few months ago. Now, we've forced a head-to-head runoff election with Kelly Loeffler on Jan. 5 – and experts from Nate Silver to NBC News say we can really win this thing. In other words: We're within striking distance of defeating the Republicans and making history.

Here's the bad news: With all eyes on Georgia, Loeffler is spending over $20 MILLION of her personal fortune to defeat me, and the GOP is funneling in millions more to buy this seat for Mitch McConnell and block the Democratic agenda. Experts say this could be the most expensive race in history.

I don't take a dime from corporate PACs – I never have and I never will. But with Republicans spending MILLIONS to defeat me and keep this seat red, I need an immediate surge of grassroots support to win. So please, will you give $7 or more right now to defeat the GOP and flip this Georgia seat blue?

There's far more than a Senate seat on the line in this race. My opponent is a far-right Trump loyalist who has run a campaign of divisiveness and bigotry. Meanwhile, I'm a pastor who's devoted my life to service – and in January, I could become Georgia's first-ever Black senator. With health care and the future of the Supreme Court on the line, we simply can't afford to send another Trump Republican to Washington.

My campaign set a goal to raise another $25,000 by midnight to defeat Kelly Loeffler – and in a race this close, falling short just isn't an option. But unfortunately, our campaign is not on track to raise what we need to win – which could mean we have to take our ads off the air and cut back our voter protection efforts.

We can only win Georgia and secure Senate control for Democrats with immediate support from folks like you. So please, I'm personally asking because the stakes are so incredibly high: Will you give $7 or more today to help us win in Georgia, defeat the GOP and secure a Democratic Senate majority?

Thanks for pitching in at this historic moment.
Raphael Warnock

Posted on November 6, 2020.

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