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The polls have closed. Here's my bold, progressive agenda:

It's on!

The primary election polls have closed in Oregon. I am grateful for the opportunity to be the Democratic nominee for the U.S. Senate. Thank you to everyone who supported me — voters in Oregon and friends all across the country.

I'll be honest: there's a lot about campaigning I don't look forward to. But I do love the contest of ideas. I am excited to take on whichever Republican emerges with the most votes tonight, and bring to the voters my vision of what our state and country can and should be.

Will you help me kick off a general election campaign that's dedicated to taking on the powerful to deliver for the people?

Because that's what we need. The privileged and powerful — our corrupt president, his cabinet, and associates, wealthy plutocrats and their lobbyists — use every opportunity, even a global pandemic, to line their pockets at everyone else's expense. They use racism and cultural dog whistles to divide us from each other. And they keep picking our pockets.

I'm fighting every day to invest in thriving working families, to take on the existential threat of climate chaos, and restore American democracy. Every one of those battles demands a progressive grassroots army to overcome all of the advantages the wealthy and well-connected have given themselves.

My campaign isn't just to win my Senate seat. It's to end Mitch McConnell's reign of terror in the Senate. And then to take your grassroots power from the campaign trail to Washington — to support a Democratic House, a Democratic Senate, and a Democratic President working to change the world. That's our campaign.

I need you with me. Everything I've ever accomplished in life has been part of a great team, and I know we can create the change our country so desperately needs if we're in it together.

Today the general election starts. Let's get to work!



Posted on May 19, 2020.

Born in the small town of Myrtle Creek, Oregon, Jeff Merkley has never lost touch with his working class roots.

As a U.S. Senator, he works every day to create opportunity for working families, stop the corruption of our democracy, and tackle the climate crisis.

A workhorse and a progressive champion, Jeff Merkley is leading a movement to get our country back on track.

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