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My solution to the cost of prescription drugs

When Donald Trump gives the State of the Union address tonight, he's going to make grandiose claims about what he's accomplished, when the truth is anything but.

We are in the midst of an impeachment trial that, above all else, proves one thing: That Donald Trump is in it for himself. Again and again, he has used the levers of government to enrich himself, his family, and his friends; to put his thumb on the scales of justice; and expand his own power and that of his corporate cronies. And he's bent the entire Republican Party to his will, demanding total loyalty and subservience.

Meanwhile, critical reforms that the American people expect are being ignored (or worse.)

One example? The cost of prescription drugs.

Everywhere I go, I hear from people who tell me that life-saving drugs they depend on are skyrocketing in cost. They're being forced to make painful choices—cutting pills in half, skipping treatment, going without meals, delaying other bills, even declaring bankruptcy.

The profiteering from Big Pharma has gotten out of control, and Donald Trump won't push back, won't fight for the American people.

Not only has Donald Trump been unwilling to take on the pharmaceutical industry, he even used his renegotiation of NAFTA to give Big Pharma a windfall at the expense of American, Canadian, and Mexican consumers. Luckily Congressional Democrats forced that provision out of the final deal, but it shows you who this president cares about.

I've got a better idea. Pharmaceutical companies should be barred from selling prescription drugs in America for more than the average price in Europe, Canada, and Japan. Period.

Stop gouging American consumers — it's a straightforward and simple idea. It would help the American people.

If we want those kinds of common-sense solutions, we need to make this Donald Trump's last State of the Union.

Together, we are building a grassroots movement to take back the White House, take back the Senate, and get America back on track. We can do this.



Posted on February 4, 2020.

Born in the small town of Myrtle Creek, Oregon, Jeff Merkley has never lost touch with his working class roots.

As a U.S. Senator, he works every day to create opportunity for working families, stop the corruption of our democracy, and tackle the climate crisis.

A workhorse and a progressive champion, Jeff Merkley is leading a movement to get our country back on track.

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