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Critical Mueller investigation update

Donald Trump's presidency is as chaotic as his campaign. And it's by design: with all the scandals, lies, and outrages, it's all-too-easy to lose track of any one piece of it all.

That's why I wanted to make sure you were aware of the latest updates on Team Trump's efforts to undermine Robert Mueller's ongoing investigation.

This week, the Senate is poised to vote on Donald Trump's nominee for Attorney General, William Barr.

I will vote against Barr's nomination. Here's just one reason why: Barr has been deeply critical of Mueller's investigation, and has even said the president can never obstruct justice. I have grave concerns about what would happen to the investigation's independence with Barr in charge.

After all, Donald Trump has made clear (including in last week's State of the Union address) that he believes the Mueller investigation is a political witch hunt. And that he's looking for allies in undermining the investigation and its findings.

It's time to reaffirm our support for the Mueller investigation: sign my petition and tell Congress to protect Robert Mueller's independence.

Donald Trump and his allies cannot be allowed to sweep this under the rug. The American people deserve a full and public account of the investigation's findings, and the investigation must be protected until that can happen.


Posted on February 13, 2019.

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